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Terms & Definitions

The Portrait of a Graduate is a collaboration across Sonoma County, bringing together parents, educators, business and community leaders to develop a shared vision of our aspirations for our students. By articulating the hopes that the community has for its young people, and assessing the skills that our students will need to succeed in this rapidly changing world, the Portrait of a Graduate allows us to frame a new vision for what being prepared to tackle life after high school looks like for all Sonoma County kids.


To thrive in the future, you will need a sense of wonder about the unknown, interest in what’s new, and a hunger for engaging with the world. Give yourself permission to ask questions and take advantage of opportunities; go explore what’s out there.


To succeed, you need to understand the experiences, perspectives, and needs of people around you. Navigate relationships with generosity and patience. Imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes, then put into practice the emotional sensitivity you learn in the process.


In writing, speech, and body language, you should be able to make your point clearly and persuasively. Listening and literacy are just as valuable — well-tuned analytical and interpretive skills, hearing other’s needs, and responding appropriately are key to effective communication.


By joining forces with others, you make room for a diverse range of voices, skills, and perspectives.  More than just working together, you can go beyond getting the best work done to bring the best out in each other.


There’s power in doing what’s right. By being honest and respecting differences in matters of equity, decency, and appropriateness, you can determine what’s fair and what’s good — on the job, at home, and out in the world. 


You shouldn’t have to wait to be told what to do. Seize opportunities to grow, explore, and lead by combining hard work and determination with purpose and critical thinking. Don’t hesitate until the crowd catches up — dive in.

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