Sonoma County | PoG

The Portrait

We’re bringing together voices across the community to define, imagine, and shape a vision for educating our kids. Through collaboration and consensus, we’ll put data, conversations, and exercises to work to create an image of what our kids need to tackle the future.

A Picture of Our Kids’ Success

The Portrait of a Graduate helps local school systems work with their community to develop a shared vision of its aspirations for its students. By articulating the hopes that the community has for its young people, and assessing the skills that our students will need to succeed in this rapidly changing world, the Portrait of a Graduate allows us to frame a new vision for what being prepared to tackle life after school looks like for all Sonoma County kids.

Learn more about the Portrait of a Graduate here.

Designing the Future


What are the hopes, aspirations and dreams that our community has for our young people?

What are the skills and mindsets that our children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world?

What are the implications for the design of learning experiences we provide in our school system and across our communities? How do we ensure equitable access?

How might a common vision for our students help us to answer these questions in Sonoma County?