When Our Students Succeed, We All Do.


But the future will ask more and different of our students than it did of us. So we set out to discover what skills and mindsets today's kids will need to be successful after high school. We went out into the community to host conversations and surveys about what's most important for Sonoma County students today and tomorrow. Together, we created a picture of the most important skills and traits students will need to be successful in life. It's an important vision of where our students are headed, and, with them, how our region will succeed in the future.


Designing the Future


What are the hopes, aspirations and dreams that our community has for our young people?

What are the skills and mindsets that our children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world?

What are the implications for the design of learning experiences we provide in our school system and across our communities? How do we ensure equitable access?

How might a common vision for our students help us to answer these questions in Sonoma County?


These are the questions we set out to answer by designing our Portrait of a Graduate. Together, we created a list of six key characteristics that current students will need to achieve by high school graduation to ensure their future success.


We are just beginning.

The Portrait is not a static image: it’s an ongoing vision that needs to be nurtured right alongside our efforts to support parents, educators, and students. As we continue to foster this program, the community as a whole will benefit from the strides we make in equipping our students to become productive members and influential future leaders within our community.


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