Take the pledge. Be part of our students’ success.

Our vision for the future of Sonoma County students is only the first step. We are currently in the adoption phase of the project — during which we are facilitating and equipping schools, teachers, parents, and students with the tools they need to focus on these new goals and ideas. From here, we will be developing new strategies and initiatives, as well as seeking out new opportunities to help each child become a picture of success. Because the future will not wait for our kids; we must work every day to prepare them for it.

To the entire community — teachers, parents, community leaders, employers — please consider taking the pledge to be part of helping our students find success in the future.



I pledge to the young people in my community…

I pledge to the young people in my community that I will support opportunities to develop the sorts of skills and mindsets necessary to succeed in the future. I pledge to encourage the young people in my community by encouraging their own curiosity, fostering their sense of initiative, and building up their commitment to ethics in school, home, and beyond. I pledge to stand behind the young people in my community by nurturing a willingness to collaborate with others, modeling effective communication, and inspiring empathy for others. For every soon-to-be high school graduate, my pledge is a promise to spread the word, get involved, and do my part to ensure that everyone in Sonoma County has a bright future.

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