The Approach

Beginning Fall 2018, in partnership with Career Technical Education Foundation of Sonoma County and Sonoma County Office of Education, we’ll be conducting workshops and facilitating conversations. We’ll be reaching out to educators, parents, and business leaders to build consensus on the tools, mindsets, and skills our kids need to be successful.

We’ll be collecting feedback and data, distilling that collaboration into a Portrait of a Graduate — a snapshot of the combined voices involved. The Portrait of a Graduate will be a north star for educators at every level of the county and serve to guide curriculum development, policy, and communication decisions that ensure our kids are prepared for tomorrow.

The Design Team

The Design Team is a diverse collection of voices who recognize that the future will not wait for our kids. Community members from the following groups have come together to get this conversation started:

  • PreK-12 education (teachers, counselors, and administrators)

  • Higher education (SRJC and SSU)

  • Small, medium, and large employers representing multiple industry sectors

  • County government

  • Funders

  • Community-based organizations

  • Parent groups 

Over the coming months, they’ll be hosting Portrait of a Graduate sessions with parents, educators, and the community at large to compile input and identify trends.